Furniture Care


Often customers ask questions such as:

What is it worth?

How do I clean my furniture or cabinets? 

How should I care for cane chairs?

What should I wax my furniture with?

What are the do’s and don’ts, or things to avoid? 

Should I protect my table top with glass to preserve my new finish?


Is it worth repairing?     While only the owner can answer that question, the old adage, “They don’t make it like they used to”, applies here.  With the world’s resources dwindling at an alarming rate, those 24 inch wide boards are simply no longer available in today’s world.  With demand being high for cheaper product, yesterday’s craftsmanship often simply cannot be found in any mass production setting.


Cleaning           Cleaning of polyurethane finishes can be done with a damp cloth.  The Minwax wood cleaner is an excellent choice for cleaning food spills, or greasy soiled finished wood.


Waxing Old Mr. Boston’s Butchers wax is a good choice for waxing furniture.  It often also cleans off scuff marks from chair and table legs.  Briwax is also an excellent choice as it comes in different colors.  Briwax should be tested in an inconspicuous place before use, as it may melt your existing finish. Both of these waxes should be done on only a very small section of the piece at one time and then buffed completely before moving on to the next section.


Don’t   use polishes with silicates.  If there is a break in the finish, these oils will soak deep into the wood, and in the event that you should someday want your furniture refinished, these will continue to lie under the surface on the new finish, thus compromising the integrity of the new finish.


Avoid nails       Most fine furniture is made with hardwoods that split or break when nailed.  If you are attempting to effect repairs yourself, you should avoid nails or metal fasteners.  Karl’s Woodwork has over a thousand dollars worth of clamps to ensure the correct clamping to repair your piece. 


Protection         I have often been asked if the finish should be covered with glass or Plexiglas to protect the finish. These materials directly in contact with your finish may lift off the finish after a period of time.  Today’s finishes are designed to withstand normal wear.


Cane Chairs Cane is bamboo spline. It does not readily accept finish, and any finish or preservative will likely turn the cane brittle reducing it's natural life. Should the need arise to clean the cane, it can be done with plain water. Water is used to soften the cane so that it is pliable during the weaving process. Don't be alarmed if the cane sags when wet, as it will tighten back up as it dries.